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Grafton Services Swim Club

Slowly but surely, members are returning from holidays, and by the time school resumes there should be a full contingent of swimmers back in training. Results for last week included five disqualifications, indicating that many have already overcome the Christmas binge, and are in fine form. Terry Barnes, Damien O’Mahony, Richard Sear and Toni Ensbey were the finalists in the 50m freestyle event. Toni, with a good handicap headed off first, with Richard, Terry and Damien following in that order. Searsy was first to cover the distance only to learn that he had broken his time by .60. Next to touch was Barnesy, but he unfortunately busted by .13. Marno, gliding into third place, and with a good time, was awarded the win with Toni taking second place. The 30m freestyle final was contested by Doug Ensbey, Damien O’Mahony, Steve Donnelly and Ian Goodman. Ian, having his first swim since the season resumed, had too much pace for his opposition, and crossed the line first, only to learn that he had busted by .63. Doug was next to finish and being only .02 off his nominated time, took the win. Steve, .49 away took second place, and Marno, just another .29 away, scored the points for third. Bob Owen, Wilson Burns, Terry Marsh and Toni Ensbey were contesting the final of the B B & B. Toni, once again with a good handicap, was first to begin the race, followed by Bob, Wilson and then Terry. Under standard racing rules, Wilson would have won this, but because he busted his nominated time by 2.87 he was disqualified. Bob fell into the same trap when he broke by 1.44. Marshy’s mid-day training paid off when he swan close to nominated time and was awarded the win. Toni, once again took second place, even though her times are still not up to standard. Toni Ensbey