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Grafton Rifle Club

With plenty of big scores having been posted over the long ranges, it was always going to come down to the 300 yard sprint to the finish line to determine winners and losers in the Secretary’s Trophy monthly competition. In pleasant weather and reasonable shooting conditions, the scores posted were of a very high standard, and all final results went right down to the wire. In the Target Rifle [T/R] division there were four “possibles” [50/50] produced, with one each going to Nick Abrahall, Peter Nielsen, Peter Brown and Tony O’Keeffe who took out both the Elgas Off-Rifle Trophy and the Daily Aggregate with scores that gave him the Secretary’s monthly trophy in this division as well. In fact in the Daily Aggregate, all three top shooters, Tony O’Keeffe, Mathew Bloomer and Peter Nielsen, shot to or bettered their handicaps. In F-Class, the field was just as tightly bunched. Although John Black took out the Off-Rifle Honours, he was unceremoniously bundled into fifth spot in the Daily Aggregate results, where once again all three placers equalled or bettered their handicaps. Malcolm Reid lead the way with Jane Donoghue and Nick DeBellis close on his heels. Nick DeBellis produced the only “possible” [60/60] in this division although John Black and Eli Grundy came within one point of doing so too. The wrap up of the Secretary’s Trophy monthly aggregate went to Tony O’Keeffe in the T/R division with Nick Abrahall counting out Dennis Hilton for second spot, and with John Stone close behind in fourth. In F-Class, the ever consistent John Black topped this pool, with John Bloomer and David Grundy filling the minors. Next week the competition will be from the 400 yard mound for another round of the Extras-Cross The Course trophy competition, for which there is already a 900 yard and an 800yard range counting. Shooting in this competition commences at 1pm. The range is located at 434 Trenayr Road, opposite the Koppers log mill and adjacent to the Experiment Farm. Visitors and new shooters are always welcome.