Community News

Grafton Rifle Club

Last Saturday’s shoot was the ever popular 30m rimfire event with s strong contingent of 26 shooters taking part. With our annual presentation dinner the night before, some of our more seasoned members decided to have a late night discussing the next morning’s events, the scribe is not sure how these discussions went but by the look of them it must have been a very late\early finish that was reflected in their results. The club held another successful BBQ on the weekend with the money raised going into the kitty for our electronic targets. These BBQ’s will become a regular event on the fourth Saturday of the month following the rimfire event. The club would like to thank John and Wendy at Shopping world butchery who supplied the snags this week they went down a treat. Only one possible was shot on the day with Alan Edwards taking out the honours, well done Al. Top off rifle was Alan Edwards 96(with 6) second was Luke Bloomer 94(with 6) third was Andrew Geary 93(with 6). A grade aggregate scores- Alan Edwards 100, Peter Tyrie 88.6, Rob Durrington 90.6, Brian Haynes 81.4, Luke Bloomer 98.8, Andrew Geary 95.4. B grade aggregate scores- Dave Grundy 91.8, Chris Mckenzie 90.6. C grade aggregate scores- Tristan Flannigan 100, Scott Murdoch 96.4, Lindsay Cole 81.4, Peter Clarke 100, Logan White 100, Sandra Cockbain 85.8, Warren Cockbain 97, Ryan Townsend 80, Dan Gadd 98.4, Vern Mackey 90.4, David Lardner 62, John Baker 93, Robert Baker 94, Meaghan Mckenzie 88.2, John Grebert 87.4, Owen Townsend 74, Anthony Godwin 67. Next week we will be down the back for the 200 yard fieldclass event followed by bench rest then the afternoon shoot will be from the 900yard mound at 1.00pm, range is open at 8.15 am with shooting commencing at 9.00am on the dot.