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Grafton Probus

There were 41 members and three visitors at the August meeting of Grafton Probus.

New member David Cutts enthralled us with his love of trains, which began as an engine cleaner on steam trains in the UK, then fireman and finally as a diesel driver. In 1970, David drove his first train out of London’s St Pancras Station, the long-distance part of Kings Cross Station. In the late 1970’s, David became a £10 Pom and arrived in WA with his Australian-born wife and two children. It wasn’t long before he headed to Port Headland for a 20-year stint with BHP. David shared a photograph of the ‘world record’ train number 2514 with eight locomotives and two drivers on 28 May 1996. The train was an impressive 5.89 kilometres in length. David will be our special guest speaker at a later date.

Our guest speaker this month was Craig from the SES, who described the organisation’s work around floods and storm emergencies, as well as its support role for the Rural Fire Service, Fire and Rescue, Ambulance Service and Police. He outlined the number of different membership types, from full-time, trained part-timers and even people who just turn up on the day in an emergency; thank you Craig for your entertaining and informative report when standing in at short notice because of the local bushfires.

The August mid-day luncheon was at Roches Hotel, with 14 members in attendance.

Our next luncheon will be at TAFE on September 3.

A baker’s dozen took a stroll over the railway bridge to observe and get an update on the progress of the new bridge. Alyce and Alisha from contractors Fulton Hogan described the design and build, answering many questions. In answer to the all-important question, completion is on track for the end of the year.

We have new social activities beginning this month, with a Book Club meeting at 49 Alice Street at 3pm on September 25 and a picnic in See Park at noon on September 27.

Our next general meeting will be at South Services Club at 10am on September 19.

Ron Payne