Congratulations to Bev Snowdon after celebrating her 89th birthday at golf. Image: Contributed

Grafton ladies golf

Last week was another busy week for all of us at golf Grafton.

Monday March 4 – 9 hole single Stableford (24 starters).

Div 1 winner – Colette Abrahall 21pts; r/up – Margaret Ross 17pts c/b.

Div 2 winner – Cheryl Creighton 18pts; r/up – Jenelle Worthy 14pts c/b.

NTP on the 1st – Helen Niland.

It was wonderful to catch up with Lorraine McLaughlan on Wednesday. Apparently she excelled herself and maybe back in form so watch out.

Wednesday March 6 – 2BBB and qualifying round for the Ann Bawden knockout competition (56 starters).

Thank you to our sponsors of the day Helen Hopwood and Gai Leeson.

Winners – Ann Gibbons/Marilyn Powell 48pts; r/up – Helen Irving/Liz Fisher 45pts c/b; 2nd r/up – Di Chapman/Sue Roberts 45pts; 3rd r/up – Glenda Chad/Shirley Goodger 42pts.

NTP’s: 1st Shirley Goodger/Glenda Chad; 6th Kathy McMullan/Janette Blair; 10th Peg James/Sonya Baker; 17th Heather Purtill/ Sharyn O’Grady.

A funny incident came from the Wednesday golf, maybe some will be able to relate to. Sue Petty drove her ball on the 13th into the drain and proceeded to hit out. Not sure entirely what happened, however after she hit the ball it took a left hand turn straight up the drain pipe never to be seen again. Brought her fellow players to their knees with laughter and let’s face it, we all have to laugh about our golf every now and again. Well done Sue (no photos though).

Friday March 8 – 18 hole Stableford (19 starters).

Overall winner – Robyn Wilkes 37pts c/b; winner Div 1 – Noeline Smith 37pts; winner Div 2 – Helen Irving 33pts.

NTP’s: 6th Sandra Gleeson; 17th Judy McFarlane; 4 Ball to 29 c/b.

Friday also saw four of the Ann Bawden teams compete in the first round Matchplay:

Julie White/Elaine Shand def Sharyn O’Grady/Heather Purtill; Peg James/Sonya Baker def Helen Hopwood/Gai Leeson.

Saturday March 9 – 18 hole Stableford (11 starters).

Start of the Eclectic, Birdie and Chip In competition for the year.

Winner – Hollie Fuller 35pts; r/up – Shirley Goodger 32pts c/b; 2nd r/up – Heather Purtill 32 pts c/b; 3rd r/up – Ann Gibbons 32pts.

Dale Bax