Community News

Grafton Floral Art Society

The first meeting for the of the Grafton floral Art Society will reconvene on February 11. Any persons or new members wishing to attend the group are most welcome. During the past year the Society has been most active, and generous with donations to very worthwhile organizations. The Society’s inaugural meeting was held in 1977, it has produced some very talented floral artists, who when first joined had little knowledge of the art. At this point in time we have two accredited judges, who have travelled and judged in many areas of NSW and Qld. The Society continues to promote floral art and some members have been invited to demonstrate at different functions. The honour has encouraged many new members which has been enjoyable, and formed many friendships. Last year was an active year, firstly with a successful Cancer Council morning tea followed by the annual Grafton Show at which president Doreen held demonstrations. July Race Week floral display at Grafton Shoppingworld and during Jacaranda Week being involved with the “Festival of Flowers” at the Cathedral. Finally a Christmas function was held during December. Meetings are held on the second and fourth Thursday of each month, the venue being the Whitehouse meeting room. Members are asked to bring along an exercise for assessment or arrive with a bucket of flowers and foliage for assistance with an arrangement which is a learning experience. Each second meeting has a nominated demonstrator. A reminder the first meeting in 2016 will be on February 11 and everyone is most welcome to attend. Creativity is the best preparation for something special. Freda Johnson