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Grafton District Services Women’s Bowls

Thursday May 12 A great day for bowls today with pairs being played the winners were R. Foley and D. Lawson def M. Firth and J. Weatherstone. This was a very close game with the winner decided with the last bowl of the morning. C. Morrison, M. Elliott and L. Robertson def J. McPhee, J. Cooper and A. Bowling in another very close game. Competition winners were M. Firth x 2 and D. Lawson. Great to see a good roll up on Tuesday with 5 rinks in play. Winners were J. Pugh and M. Buckley def D. Mason and D. Lawson. Runner/up was won by R. Foley and A. Bowling def M. Gough and L. Robertson; S. Taylor, M. McClaer and J. Weatherstone were the lucky losers being def by S. Hillier, M. McClaer and A. Williams. Annette also had a resting toucher in this game. Other results were R. Macdonald, J. McPhee and B. Murray def Y. Cooney, J. Cooper and J. Solomon; D. Walsh, M. Elliott and D. Rapley def F. Cannon, M. Firth/V. Hall and B. Donohoe. Competition was won by D. Mason, J. Cooper, M. Elliott and S. Taylor and chocolates won by V. Hall and A. Williams. A reminder that the AGM is being held on Wednesday June 8 at 10am. Kitty