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Grafton District Services Women’s Bowls

Thursday February 25 Today we were greeted with a very hot day to play the 1st Round or our Championship Fours: M. Toovey, J. Morrissey, D. Rapley and L. Robertson (winners) d J. McPhee, V. Hall, B. Donohoe and N. Mawhirt; M. Firth, D. Mason, J. Pugh and B. Murray (runner up) d J. McDonald, A. Perkins, A. James and H. Barnier; M. Elliott, M. McClaer, D. Lawson and J. Weatherstone (lucky losers) were defeated by J. McWaters, M. Buckley, A. Bowling and A. Williams. Resting toucher today went to Lola Robertson. Competition winners were M. McClaer, N. Mawhirt, A. James and M. Elliott. Most of us were back again to play our twilight game later in the afternoon, no doubt we are a hardy lot. Lovely to see both Greens full and everyone enjoying a game in the cool of the evening. Winners were the Raspberries (L. Andrews, O. McDonogh, E. Johnson), runner-up went to the Nectarines (M. Wilkinson, A. Mason, D. Mason). Lucky losers were Blueberries (S. Taylor and A. Perkins). Resting touchers tonight went to A. Williams and R. Want. Lucky ends drawn were 5, 10 and 13 and this sees the Plums (K and J. Morrissey and R. Want) still out in front. With 3 weeks to go in this competition any team can still win, it depends on the lucky ends drawn on the night. Tuesday March 1 Semi final of the Championship Fours and the winners were J. McWaters, M. Buckley, A. Bowling and A. Williams d M. Toovey, J. Morrissey, D. Rapley and L. Robertson. Social play – C. Morrison, M. Elliott and J. Solomon (runner-up) d M. Firth, F. Cannon and H. Barnier; R. Macdonald, D. Mason and N. Mawhirt (winners) d J. McDonald, A. Perkins and J. Cooper (lucky losers). Resting toucher was won by D. Mason and the competition won by J. McPhee, D. Lawson, A. Perkins and J. Morrissey. There is a set of blue size 2 heavy Taylor Vector bowls for sale at the Club, phone Audrey on 6642 3281 if you are interested. Don’t forget nominations for District Championships close shortly, the sheets are on the board. Pennants start this week and I would like to wish those playing good bowling and enjoy your games. See you on the green. Kitty