District Pairs was all Maclean final

There were eight matches of Club B and C Grade Singles completed last week which brings these Championships down to the finals in both. The Club Open Triples has been drawn and the first round is set down for play or forfeit this Thursday evening at 5pm. The final of the Club C Grade Singles will be played this Sunday March 13 for a 1pm start between Tom Cross and Peter Hurst. The final of the B Grade singles will be played at a later date as Tom is in both finals. In the District Pairs played at Grafton the previous weekend, I am happy to report the Maclean team of Steve Fuller & Ross Murphy were successful and they defeated another Maclean team of Garry Montgomery & Frank Mathieson in the final. In the final of the State Open Pairs our Maclean team of Scott Fell and Jim Johnson made the final but were defeated by Alan Abbott’s Yamba team. District Pennants first rounds for our Grades No 3 and No 5 commence this Saturday. Congratulations to all our players who have been selected and good luck for the season. Our No 3’s play Grafton away and the No 5’s play Yamba at home in their first round. Our No 6’s and No 7’s play Yamba (Gold) and Grafton both at home. In reference to my mention of this month’s ‘Last Friday – single entry, “competition not being played as it falls on Good Friday”. The decision has been reviewed and will now be played on the first Friday in April in order to not miss a round of this ‘Riverland Travel’ sponsored event. Results Club B Singles – Round 3 (quarter-finals) – Thursday March 3: Paul Ritchie d Brett Pingel 31 – 21; Ross Murphy d Ron Smidt 31 – 21; Tom Cross d Kim Frazer 31 – 26. Semi-finals – Saturday March 5: Tom Cross d Jamie Blanchard 31 – 17. (Played Sunday) Ross Murphy d Paul Ritchie 31 – 12. Club C Grade Singles – Round 2 (quarter-final) – Thursday March 3: Peter Hurst d John Hupfield 25 – 19. Semi-finals – Sunday March 6: Tom Cross d Rob Woldseth 25 – 23; Peter Hurst d Mick Fuss 25 – 24. Matches set down for play this week Thursday March 10 for a 5pm start – Club Open Triples Round 1 (skips names only): Kerry Wells v Ben Lee; Mick Catling v Ken Crampton; John Deale v Alan Ford; Paul Ritchie v Don Plummer; Jim Shannon v Warren McDonald; Kim Frazer v Trevor Terry; Bill McCarron v Gary Scott. Sunday March 13 for a 1pm start – Club C Grade Singles (final): Tom Cross v Peter Hurst (marker: Jeff Newman). All matches are strictly Play or Forfeit. Toucher