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Grafton District Services Club Westlawn Golf Club

Before I get into the news from Sunday I would like to share a letter that was left under the club house door last week about the pruning of the trees at the course. It went like this. “I have no idea who cut down those trees? Apparently no one does, whoever did ruined the course. You have lost a member, what a disgrace. As a citizen of Grafton I am now embarrassed to ask anybody to come and play here. This is a bloody joke, these people who are responsible should be ashamed. It was signed J.L.E.” Well J.L.E. all I can say is that no one on the Committee was made aware that the pruning was going to be done or how severe it was going to be. We as a Committee are also disappointed with the outcome, I can only hope that you have sent a copy of your letter to the Board of the G D S C who control the maintenance of Westlawn Golf Course. On Sunday we had 41 players hit the fairways for a Single Stableford event and with the conditions I was a little surprised that the scores were not a bit higher. The best score of the day went to A Grade winner Paul Sutton with 22 points, closely followed by Terry Ord with 21 points and Nathan Blanch with 20. There were another eight players all on 19 points which included all the place getters in both B and C Grade as well as 2 of the Pro ball winners. It looks like the handicapper is doing a good job. Jason Casserly is continuing his fine form with an Eagle 3 on the Par 5 4th hole, nice play Jason but for how long can you keep it up? There were 2 Waterboys from Sunday, Arthur Schubert on the 7th and Peter Curd also on the 7th. I saw Arthur’s shot on the 7th and the ball actually made it over the water but landed on the upslope and rolled back into the water, a bit of bad luck as without that penalty Arthur would have won C Grade instead of being 2nd Runner-up. Next Sunday will be a Stroke event for the Monthly Medal sponsored by N Clayden and Pat Simmons in memory of Reg Simmons. Starters will be D Clark and R Tangye with P Chessell and J Armstrong to handle the results. Sunday May 8th will be a 4BBB event. Starters will be G Jackson and A Atkinson with W Burns and G Mallison to handle the results.   Dave Lynch