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Grafton District Anglers Club

The Grafton District Anglers Club held a rock, beach and estuary outing on the 20th and 21st of June, a total of 33 anglers nominated with 20 of those weighing in fish. Strong southerly winds tested angler ability and some quality catches were recorded. Nick Haynes took out top honours with a cracking haul of bream, blackfish, mulloway and whiting nicks possession limit of 20 bream weighed 12.300 kg with his 6 best going 5.170kg, 3 blackfish for 1.420kg, 1 mulloway of 4.340kg and a whiting 300 grams giving a Nick a total of 202 points; 2nd place went to myself with 172 points, I managed to find a few bream, flathead, blackfish and tailor from the river around Yamba; 3rd Place went to Matthew Pigg with 146 points. Matt weighed 8 bream for 3.660kg, 11 tailor for 9.060 kg with his 6 best weighing 5.720kg. In the juniors it was Sinead Buist who took out first place landing a nice bag of 10 blackfish for 5.280kg giving her a total of 63 points, 3 other juniors nominated but weren’t fortunate enough to weigh in a catch. Other notable catches for the outing were Tom Grantham who slugged it out in the river with the strong southerly blowing he managed 7 blackfish for 3.150kg, Ron Watterson had his possession limit of 20 blackfish for 11.130kg, as did Terry Daley his 20 weighing in slightly heavier at 11.190kg. Paul Cashell had 11 bream from the headlands weighing 6.440kg, Graham Buist landed his bag of 10 blackfish for 6.200kg, Jason Buist also managed 10 his weighing 6.410kg. Two teams consisting of Grafton District Anglers Club member, along with a few members fishing as individuals fished in the NSWFA state championships held at Yamba on the 27th and 28th of June, the two Grafton teams took out 1st and 2nd place for the championships as well as individual anglers taking home many of the other sections, a big congratulations to all who participated. Taigan Heath