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Grafton Bridge medallion

Last week the SGPA held a thank you evening at the Great Northern Hotel to present our sponsors with a wonderful plaque as a thank you.  A great night was had by all (see rear of bridge brochure for their names).

The medallions are for sale at various locations over the next few weeks. Fixed location to date are: The Shop – 172 Ryan Street South Grafton; Liberty Service Station – 174 Ryan Street South Grafton; Buckley’s Music Group – 95 Prince Street Grafton; L J Hooker Real Estate – 60A Prince Street Grafton; Greenhouse Hair Salon – 61 Armidale Street South Grafton.

The public response has been infections with stories of parents meeting their future wives on the old bridge opening day and citizens who still have the original badge cast for the opening in 1932.

Also in the brochure which accompanies the medallion is a photo of an original rail ticket brought by Miss Evelyn Grebert then 19yrs old.

The “old” bridge and this new bridge will continue to operate after the opening for the foreseeable future.

The new bridge will carry heavy transport but the old bridge will be cars only.

It is expected that the charity proceeds will be distributed by SGPA during 2019.

About the SPGA

The Bridge Medallion is an exciting project instigated by the South Grafton Progress Association in 2019.

The Progress Association has been around for many years, formed in 1886 and has experiences a sudden surge in membership in the last few years.

The South Grafton Progress Association (SGPA) is a local group of business people and citizens committed to the enhancement of South Grafton business and community facilities and the economic development of the Grafton region.

The Bridge Medallion is cast with old Bridge and date 1932 on one side and the new bridge 2019 on the other.

Robert Cook