Good luck Steve… good luck Clarence

Ed, I want to congratulate Mr Steve Cansdell on his decision to return to politics. He is indeed a brave man! He is also the right man. I first encountered Mr Cansdell when I was a primary school teacher in Grafton. He was indeed a busy man holding the position as Member of Parliament for Clarence. I was told by various community members that he would make time to visit the school and engage with the children. And that he did. This impressed me. Mr Cansdell has a passion for people. He is the community cheerleader. His story is powerful, and he shares it with such vulnerability and strength that listeners cannot help but to be touched and inspired. Mr Cansdell has learned hard lessons over the years. The gift he brings is a wisdom that comes from travelling the bumpy road. He has made mistakes, but he has also opened his heart and developed an amplified awareness of what really matters. I believe that Mr Cansdell’s political strengthens emerge not only from his ability to listen without judgement of others, but, to filter and fight for the truth. He lives his purpose. Steve Cansdell helps others and articulates ardently the voice of the community. Good luck Steve. Good luck Clarence. Lisa Ellem, Sandy Beach