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GDSC Women’s Championship Triples

July 28: Today president Dawn welcomed four rinks of triples including the final of the Championship Triples which was between M. Toovey, D. Rapley and B. Murray playing J. McWaters (sub L. Demmery), A. Bowling and A. Williams, with Annette’s team getting off to a good start but Bev’s team settled down and gradually caught them and went on to win the game, a great game to watch with some really good conversion shots played. Congratulations Margaret, Dawn R and Bev, Triples Champions for 2015. Social play saw J. McPhee, D. Mason and J. Solomon [winners] d C. Morrison, T. James; J. Morrissey. M. Elliott, L. Robertson and J. Cooper [r/up] d F. Cannon, C. Newsome and J. Weatherstone [lucky losers]; R. McDonald, V. Hall and B. Donohoe d J. McDonald, M. McClaer and M. Buckley. Resting toucher was won by B. Donohoe, well done Bonnie. Thursday 30: We played the semi-final of the Championship Fours which saw J. Pugh, L, Robertson, A. Williams and B. Murray [winners] d F. Cannon, J. McPhee, J. Morrissey and J. Cooper. In the other semi J. McWaters, M. Buckley, A. Bowling and L. Demmery d M. Elliott, M. McClaer,D. Lawson and J. Weatherstone [lucky losers]. Competition winners today were A. Bowling, G. Madden, D. Lawson and B. Murray. Joyce Weatherstone made a presentation to Gwen Madden in appreciation of Gwen knitting each player involved in the Pennant play off at Berry, a lovely bowls cloth to take with them, she has also been busy knitting us some beanies, it’s much appreciated Gwen thank you. The final of the Championship Fours will be played August 6 and the Consistency singles will close on the 4th and the first round will now be played on August 11. Don’t forget ladies the general meeting is to be held after bowls on August 11. Ladies if you have been to the White House lately could you please check if you have misplaced your navy bowls jacket as there has been one left there. Enjoy your bowls everyone Kitty