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GDSC Womens Bowls

Tuesday, October 13 Today we held our Annual Jean Ward Day, this day is put on for us each year by the Ward family in memory of Jean who was a very keen bowler at our Club. It was lovely to see our Patron Gwen Mulherin join us for lunch, Gwen had many tussles against Jean on the green. What a great roll up we had for this day. Conditions of play was a box draw with 5 secret ends chosen by the boys, win or lose the game. Winners were J. Eggins, J. Pugh and M. Buckley 11 d R. McDonald, J. Pugh and J. Cooper [lucky losers]. Runner up were J. McDonald, M. Elliott and L. Robertson 9 d N. Harrison, V. Hall and N. Mawhirt; C. Newsome, M. McClaer and J. Solomon d A. James, A. Perkins and D. Rapley; M. Firth and B. Murray d R. Foley and D. Lawson; D. Mason, M. Toovey and J. Morrissey d G. Campbell, J. McPhee and A. Bowling. Resting toucher was won by M. Elliott. Competition winners were G. Madden, A. Bowling, R. Foley, A James and J. Cooper. We would like to thank Jean’s sons James, Michael and Gail and Kevin for putting this day on for us, also for providing lunch and the trophies. This is the 15th year we have had this special day and we look forward to having this day again next year. Thursday October 15 Only a small roll up today after our big day on Tuesday. Results of play saw A. Perkins, J. Morrissey and B. Murray lost to M. Elliott, M. Toovey and N. Mawhirt, J. Cooper and A. Bowling d M. Firth and L. Robertson. Competition winners were J. Cooper, M. Firth and N. Mawhirt. Don’t forget our Jacaranda Carnival is almost here so make sure your team has been nominated. Kitty