GDSC Swimming Club

Another good roll up of members arrived for competition last week including those who have nominated for the November carnival at Southport and striving to get their times more consistent in the next few weeks.

Being the final swim for September the Wykes Tyrepower cup was up for grabs for those making it through the heats of the breaststroke, backstroke and butterfly event.

A very formidable foursome lined up for the final – David Moon, Adam Pearce, Terry Marsh and Steve Donnelly were sizing each other up whilst waiting for the starter to get organised.

Terry, Steve, Adam and David hit the water in that order and in a hair-raising finish it took a while to compare times and decide the winner.

Steve Donnelly was declared the winner, taking home the cup for the second month in a row. David went so very close to winning but had to be happy with second place and Terry scored points for third.

Natalie Durrington, Adam Pearce, Terry Marsh and Steve Donnelly made it through the heats to the final of the 50m freestyle.

Terry off a handicap of two was first to take to the water followed by Nat on a three handicap. Diving in on six was Steve and Adam, on ten, was last in the water.

It was a very excited Natalie who came away with the win, making up for her .01 disqualification from last week. Adam came home in second place and Steve was placed third.

Yvonne Shorrock was the only other lady to make a final all night and she was up against David Moon, Doug Ensbey and Steve Donnelly in the 25m freestyle event.

Unfortunately, Yvonne and Doug were just too keen in this final with breaks of two and three seconds being recorded.

David was announced the winner, swimming 12.09 off a nominated 13 and Steve was placed second, recording a 15.75 off a nominated 16.

March 2023 may sound like ages away, but treasurer Jill is now taking deposits from those planning to go to the AIF Nationals in Coogee.

Toni Ensbey