Major Singles winner, Jason Ryan and the runner up Ray Marchant. Image: Contributed

GDSC Pennants play completed

Last week officially marked the end of the CRDBA Pennants season for 2019, with all of the washed-out games being completed on Saturday.

The Grade 3 sides played Yamba at home, claiming an 8 – 2 victory which to end the season on a high. The same goes for the Grade 4 teams who claimed a 10 – 0 victory over Yamba. The Grade 6 teams travelled to Maclean to complete their washed-out game requiring a 9 – 1 victory to claim the Pennant.

After 10 weeks of bowls, the Pennant was decided by the very last bowl of the day where the Maclean skip just clipped the kitty back thus not being able to get the 5 shots needed, only scoring 1 which gave the GDSC team the required 9 – 1 win for the Pennant. Well done and here’s hoping for a good result in the Zone playoffs this weekend at Yamba.

Wednesday had a good number of 46 bowlers at the GDSC. The winners prize went to D Clarke and D Wood, whilst the runners up winners came from the triples game, M Myers, K Blanch and B Kenny. L Newcome and R Wilson were the days Lucky Losers. Along with the winner’s prize, D Clarke also won the Tony’s Handyman and Home Maintenance resting toucher prize with a time of 13:48.

There was one game of triples completed on Sunday morning between the teams of R Marchant, G Taylor and B Williams and J O’Shea, G Maxted and A Knox. It was a good contest throughout before the team skipped by B Williams got away to a lead, going on to win 24 to 18. Congratulations and commiserations.

Friday saw 38 bowlers at the GDSC enjoying some pleasant weather conditions. Winners on the day were J Stacey and C Clark, with R Power and R Shorten coming out as the runners up and J Collins and P Cubbin the days Lucky Losers. There were seven contenders for the Tony’s Handyman and Home Maintenance resting toucher prize however, B Gaarsted beat all others with a time of 13:45.

As already stated, good luck to the Grade 6 Pennant side this weekend, and make sure to keep checking the board.

Leith Basset