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GDSC Major/Minor Pairs Champions

Last Saturday saw the final of the GDSC Minor/Major Pairs Championship with D Clark/T Lickiss going down after being run over by a truck in the form of J Cameron/K Garner 30/11. The semi-finals of the GDSC Mixed Triples were also played and in a close game A Williams/G Maxted/B Williams d D Lawson/C Bennett/T Hardy 18/15. The second game was hard fought with R Marchant/M Buckley/B Buckley putting in a great performance to defeat favourites M Toovey/G Harrison/A Knox 28/21. Sundays GDSC Mixed Triples final was a big turn – around with A Williams/G Maxted/B Williams d R Marchant/M Buckley/B Buckley 25/9. Wednesday Pairs winners were L Newcomb / R Wilson from R Marchant/R Oxenford. Lucky losers were G Power/R Power the XXXX/Tooheys play of the day R/T to K Whitmore 13-05 & $400 jackpot not won. Friday Pairs winners were M Hall/J Morenhout from K Whitmore/I McDonald with the Lucky Loser K Davison/A Groves. Again, no one won the $400 jackpot & the XXXX/Tooheys play of the day R/T J O’Brien 13-44. Saturday Mufti winners A Williams/G Maxted/B Williams and runners up to the odd couple R Robinson/R Douglas. Lucky Loser K Morrissey/J Stacey & the XXXX/Tooheys play of the day R/T R Douglas 13-00 & yes the $400 jackpot still alive. Sunday Mufti winners were V Neve/J Morrissey/E Johnson & losers to L Power/D Morrissey/K Morrissey. No one won the XXXX/Tooheys play of the day or the $400 jackpot. Don’t forget names for Saturday & Sunday by 12 noon cards 1pm. No Saturday or Sunday mufti due to our big Invitational Bowls Tournament. Come & see players from Qld/Central Coast/ Casino/Lismore plus your local stars. Due to a new match selection committee watch the board for championship play you may be set to play Mixed Pairs or Fours. All you TNT bowlers have you got your team together as we are back bigger & better starting 6pm Tuesday 22nd September, we can’t stop Reggie dribbling & having hypo’s, he even teamed up with the Craw the other day for a game. Kaos