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GDSC Lawn Bowls

The Round 7 of the TNT Bowls saw Frames Plus the winners on the night, runners up went to Club Team and Lucky Loser was Dovetails. The Abbey Motel play of the night Rink 1 K Essex 19-40 R/T & The Henwoods Hot Bread Rink 2 play of the night to G Cross 19-09 R/T. Leaders are Pop & Go are joined by Misfits on 32pts; Nev’s 1 on 30pts with the Dovetails / Chippies / Woodies 27pts, with everyone hot on their heels. Many thanks to our sponsors, the GDSC & GDSC Men’s Bowls, XXXX Gold, Abbey Motel & Henwoods Hot Bread. Wednesday the winners were K Carner / Sleepy, runners up went to R Martin/L Carter & Lucky Losers Beefer/Kaos. Play of the day sponsored by B&L Mower World to D Wood 13-20. Good Friday brave winners Kaos/Rocket Grant, runners up R Evans/B Gaarstead & Lucky Loser nil. The B&L Mowers play of the day to G Power 13-03. Please check the notice board re any changes to Pennant teams or Championship play set for this week. Bryan Buckley