Fuel prices in Yamba

Ed, Most Sundays I travel to Grafton for a service at the Cathedral. Whilst I am in Grafton, I usually top up my fuel tank. Why not in Yamba, my home town, some people might ask? Quite simply, because its cheaper, in fact a great deal cheaper, and has been for well over six months. This Sunday for example various service stations were offering Unleaded or E10 at 112.9 or 114.9 and this was without the benefit of any discount coupon. In Yamba, fuel would be at least 10c dearer per litre. I have no problem if fuel is, say, four or five cents more, as I realise Yamba would have lower volumes, so the wholesale price would be more than Grafton. So what’s going on? Are Yamba stations being charged more than they should be or their proprietors have an unreasonable profit margin? Oil has been bobbing around at its lowest price for many years and we hear the ACCC often pontificating that they will crack down where regional and country prices are too high. Yamba is not alone, I’m sure, but perhaps they could start looking there. Brian Holley, Yamba