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From South Grafton to Sydney

Marissa Newman|

Last week the South Grafton Primary School Girls Football (Soccer) team defeated Tamworth Public School 3-0 in the quarter final of the NSW PSSA State Knockout Competition. The team is now placed in the top four in the state, which is quite an impressive effort considering that 409 teams entered the competition.

The goals on the day were scored by Lilly Tough (2) and Zara McKenzie (1). Coach Mark Newman was impressed with the way that the girls played and contributed their win to the team work that the girl’s displayed on the field.

Lilly Tough and Esther Barker are just two members of the team that will now go onto to Sydney to decide their final placings. Lilly has been playing soccer for nine years and has been a part of the school side for three years. Esther has been playing for seven years and has been a member of the school side for two years.

The girls are all very excited to be given the opportunity to compete at Sydney. Esther said it feels good that they are going to Sydney because they have never made it this far before. According to Lilly the hardest games that the team has played so far were against Narranga and Tamworth.

After the game the girls were all very excited but how do you celebrate a win when you are still in primary school?

“We all had soft drink to celebrate,” Esther said.

The girls are appreciative of everyone that has helped them to get as far as they have in the competition.

“I would like to thank Mr Newman, Mrs Barltlett and Ms Taylor for helping us train,” Lilly said.

The team will travel to Sydney to compete on October 21, where the girls will play two games. If they win their first game they will play in the final for 1st and 2nd or if they lose their first game they will play off for 3rd and 4th. The team heads into the final as the Northern Zone representative.

Coach Mark Newman reflected on his experience of coaching the side so far.

“It has been very good, the girls have played well. It has been a really good experience,” he said.