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FoGG October morning conversation with Lesley Pickering

10am for 10.30am on Wednesday October 18 will be an opportunity to have a conversation with the President Port of Yamba Historical Society, Lesley Pickering.

The Society was formed in 1981 by a group of local citizens concerned that Yamba’s heritage be preserved before it was lost forever given the rapid rate of change including the demolition of so many of the buildings that had given old Yamba town its special character.

Lesley tells us, “I moved to Yamba at the end of 2013 with my husband Chris Moran, from Sydney where we’d lived and worked for 45 years. We knew a little about Yamba from holiday visits, as my brother and his wife have lived here for 30 years, and my parents for the last 17 years of their long lives. My career was in education, working in varied positions in the NSW public school system as a high school teacher, consultant and project officer, for the NSW Board of Studies and later at three universities. For a few years I would glance at Yamba Museum as we drove past on our way to Pippi beach with our dogs most mornings, planning to venture in one day and volunteer for a front desk job. Next thing I knew I was plunged into the role of Secretary, and in 2020 became President of the Port of Yamba Historical Society. I’m keen to be part of the collegial spirit and exuberance of volunteers and hope I can enrich how we present the historical narratives of Yamba.”

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This conversation morning is a free event but please book through Eventbrite for your entry ticket.

 The Reverend Canon Camellia