General News


  1. Quentin Bryce is notable for being Australia’s only woman to hold what political position?
  2. What colour of footwear was the Wicked Witch of the East wearing when she was flattened by a house?
  3. What company surpassed General Motors to become the world’s largest automaker in 2008?
  4. What is the nickname of Australia’s national Quidditch team?
  5. In 2004 the Federal Government released an anti-piracy campaign that claimed ’you wouldn’t steal a movie’. In the ad, what was the first item they also hoped you wouldn’t steal?
  6. Which Australian fashion retailer was founded in Geelong by Nigel Austin in 1991?
  7. What city was officially named Nova Roma (New Rome) when it was refounded in 330 AD?
  8. What country does the name Seamus, a version of “James”, come from?
  9. What language do most classical music direction words come from? (examples: staccato, fermata, fortissimo)
  10. What structure was officially called “Anti-Fascist Protection Rampart” by the government of East Germany?
  11. What word completes the common cliché? : “Never the ____ shall meet”?
  12. What sport has a scheduled 20 minute tea break?
  13. What language do the names of the planets come from?
  14. What species was first identified from remains found in the Neander valley in present-day Germany?
  15. What company released the “Game Boy” in 1989?
  16. What is a corsage made of?
  17. Which has a greater number of supermarket locations-Coles or Woolworths?
  18. What is the English title of Victor Hugo’s novel “Notre-Dame de Paris”?
  19. What element is “fixed” from the atmosphere to make fertilizer?
  20. Which is the only active AFL team to regularly feature purple in its colour scheme?




ANSWERS: 1.Governor-General 2.Red 3.Toyota 4.The drop Bears 5.A car 6.Cotton On 7.Constantinople 8.Ireland 9.Italian 10.Berlin Wall 11.Twain 12.Cricket 13.Latin 14.Neanderthal 15.Nintendo 16.Flowers 17.Woolworths (997 vs. 846) 18.The Hunchback of Notre-Dame 19.Nitrogen 20.Fremantle