Ferry good. Ferry interesting


Our ferry service between Yamba and Iluka is very good; more than that it’s an excellent example of a comfortable, laid-back, affordable mode of local public transport.

The scenery on our ferry ride is interesting, for unlike when you’re driving your car, on a ferry you have plenty of time to admire the beautiful river scenery at different times and in all sorts of weather.

But while you’re waiting for or riding on the ferry it’s very interesting on a couple of counts. As a local you have time enough to chat to complete strangers, about local highlights and about why you love to live in this area and what makes tourists keep returning to the Clarence Valley

However, as someone who enjoys chatting to people, this summer I’ve noticed something that’s very interesting. People always mention the hot weather. But this summer a lot more people believe there’s now something different about the weather all over the country. We now know there are more extreme heatwaves, floods and bushfires because the climate is changing for the worse.

In a recent National Press Club address, Professors Ross Garnaut and Rod Sims suggested it will be a smart move for Australia to adopt an energy future based on renewable energy as our country has the world’s most abundant renewable energy resources.

And in a National Press Club address only this week, Dr Twiggy Forrest expanded on Australia’s energy future outlined by Professors Garnaut and Sims, and that Australia needs to change direction with its energy future as in 2026 the European Union’s Carbon Border Tax will be introduced.

Globally 27 countries already have a Carbon Border Tax, so if we want to be able to continue exporting goods to Europe at competitive prices, we’ll have to do more than just chat about how hot the weather is now.

All the best in the future world you choose for those you cherish.

Harry Johnson, Iluka