Grafton’s clocks


Grafton has 2 very famous clocks. Clocktower, with 4 faces, built 1909 to commemorate Grafton’s 50th year as a Municipality– and the Post Office Clock, 4 faces.

We know that the Post Office is this year celebrating it’s 150th year. But was the Clock part of the original building?  One would think so by the architecture of the building.  

These clocks have played a significant part of Grafton’s history. Grafton went to work by these clocks and knocked off by them in former days before everybody had a watch.

Real Estate Agents of those times often used them in their advts., such as-“so close to Town you can hear the Clocktower tick” or “so close to town you can hear the PO clock strike the hour”. No exaggeration.

However, there is a current problem with the PO clock.

The western face is one hour ahead of the other three faces. Was “daylight saving” the problem? Will it come right when D/S ends?

I guess it is OK if you knock off by the western face.

We await the next Hour.

Bill Dougherty, Grafton