Fair council rates

Ed, We need to change the way council rates are determined. What I have found out is that councils in main cities already have completed their needed infrastructure and only need light maintenance to keep their rate payers happy. Therefore, they have low rates, for example $500 or $600 per year rates compared with rural area rates which cost between $1,200 and $2,100 per household each year. These country councils have to find the money for new bridges and roads and other infrastructure and rely heavily on their local rate payers. I think we should have a similar system, that the major states have subsidised the smaller states. This could be done by putting a levy on all councils that have already fully completed their infrastructure, to help new councils and country towns that are emerging. I cannot figure out why country people are being penalised by such heavy rate imposts when city people come to our rural areas to enjoy the benefits that we have paid for. Charles John Lincoln, Gulmarrad