Exercise in foolishness

Ed, The new brand or logo for the Clarence Valley. This is just another example of Clarence Valley Council wasting our money. When council amalgamated they spent a lot of time, effort and money to design a brand or logo for the CV, and eleven years later they decide to outsource a marketing company to design another brand or logo costing 16k and containing no more than the first one. It still says Clarence Valley, shifting from leaf shaped figures to balloons, and that cost 16k. How many organisation actually use two brands or logos? No doubt this exercise in foolishness is somehow meant to improve tourism. This sought of nonsense wouldn’t have happened under the old tourism body. I’m 100% sure Bill Day or Jenny Massey would have received a far greater bang for our buck from 16k than balloons and the words Clarence Valley. But no, once again the powers in CVC decided tourism would be better run under their umbrella, CVC thought they could reinvent the wheel. Once again it shows the waste and stupidity that exist in the CVC. Good on you mayor Richie and Co, you continue to show off your skills in tourism and marketing for Clarence Valley. Now wouldn’t 16k be far better spent running full page advertisements in something like the Probus magazine, highlighting some of the great natural beauty and historic attractions that exists in the valley. The Probus magazine targets travelling retired people that do coach trips once or twice a year from all parts of Australia. This magazine is directly mailed to each member in Australia Now, what did we get for 16k BALLOONS. Gordon Smith, Grafton