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(L-R), Ella Roach, Caitlin Buist, Lilly Brockwell, and Molly Cosgrove, are elated to be the 2022 Junior Jacaranda candidates. Image: Adam Hourigan Photography   

Excitement blooms as 2022 Junior Jacaranda candidates say hello

Emma Pritchard


These four beautiful young ladies have been waiting patiently to share some exciting news with the Clarence Valley community.

Ella Roach, Caitlin Buist, Lilly Brockwell, and Molly Cosgrove are thrilled to introduce themselves as the 2022 Junior Jacaranda candidates.

(L-R), Ella Roach, Caitlin Buist, Lilly Brockwell, and Molly Cosgrove, are elated to be the 2022 Junior Jacaranda candidates. Image: Adam Hourigan Photography

As they eagerly commence their journeys as proud representatives and ambassadors of the Jacaranda City, they are looking forward to meeting new people, making new friends, lots of fundraising, sharing their adventures together and creating lasting memories, and having plenty of fun along the way.

Which one of these wonderful young ladies will be crowned during the 2022 Grafton Jacaranda Festival?

The Clarence Valley Independent will be there to let you know.

2022 Junior Jacaranda candidate

Molly Cosgrove

Molly just adores the beautiful purple blossoms on Grafton’s Jacaranda trees as she celebrates her birthday at the same time the trees bloom.

She is a proud Jacaranda baby!

Molly loves animals, and with her family’s help, she regularly assists rescue animals.

She loves to draw animals too, especially cats.

Molly enjoys going to school, reading fantasy novels, being creative, and designing fashion outfits. Molly became a Junior Jacaranda candidate to make new friends, grow in confidence, and to learn more about the Jacaranda Festival.

Molly is really excited to participate in the Jacaranda Float Procession, and to be part of something really special in her local community this year, all while sharing the Jacaranda spirit.

Molly Cosgrove is proudly sponsored by Virtue Property.

2022 Junior Jacaranda candidate

Lilly Brockwell

Lilly is looking forward to the experience of being a Junior Jacaranda candidate in 2022.

Lilly became a candidate as her Jacaranda journey will provide many opportunities for her to grow in confidence, meet lots of new people, make new friends, and share plenty of fun moments with her family.

Lilly is proud of her indigenous culture and expressing herself in her Aboriginal artwork.

Photographing landscapes, listening to her favourite artist Billie Eilish, and playing basketball are just some of Lilly’s hobbies.

Lilly is looking forward to the fun at Market Square during the Jacaranda Festival and the entertainment on Jacaranda Thursday, along with a ride on the Ferris wheel as sharing the view from the top with her Mum is a special family tradition.

Lilly Brockwell is proudly sponsored by Flame Trees Café.

2022 Junior Jacaranda candidate

Ella Roach

Ella is looking forward to being involved in the Jacaranda Festival as a Junior Jacaranda candidate this year.

She believes being a candidate will create many opportunities for her to feel connected with her local community, and to help people while learning more about the inside operations of the Jacaranda Festival.

Ella enjoys being part of her local scout group, playing netball, having fun playing video games, and baking her favourite triple chocolate brownies.

Art, music and fashion are just some of Ella’s interests, and she excels at school with maths being her favourite subject.

Ella was also awarded Dux of her primary school last year.

Ella can’t wait for the exciting week of Jacaranda events to begin, and to be an active part of the festival this year.

Ella is proudly sponsored by Blueberries Smoothies and Health Bar.

2022 Junior Jacaranda candidate

Caitlin Buist

Caitlin nominated to become a Junior Jacaranda candidate after receiving encouragement from other people who have been involved in the festival and becoming aware of how many wonderful opportunities and positive experiences being a Junior Jacaranda candidate can offer.

Caitlin enjoys playing netball, going fishing, and 4-wheel driving with her family.

She also enjoys assisting young people in need and motivating others to always have a go.

In her spare time, Caitlin volunteers with Clarence Valley Youth Hubs and Changing Lanes Changing Lives.

Part of her reason for becoming a candidate was to motivate other people and show them that anything is achievable.

Caitlin’s favourite part of the Jacaranda Festival is seeing the community come together, and one of her special Jacaranda memories was seeing Hannah Craig crowned Queen last year.

Caitlin Buist is proudly sponsored by Southside Pharmacy.