Evidence provided

Ed, I refer to the letter from Judith Melville (D/E August 18) asking for evidence from the 21 candidates in the upcoming local government elections to prove they, or organisations they belong to, have campaigned against the westward transfer of water from the Clarence River and the mega port at Yamba. I have provided Judith with this evidence, dating back to the 1980s when I attended meetings organised by deputy premier Wal Murray, speaking against the proposed westward diversion of the Clarence’s water. I have continued to support groups lobbying to save the Clarence, whenever this proposal resurfaces or other deleterious developments such as the mega port are raised. Retiring councillor Craig Howe has criticised a candidate’s advertising that ‘contained a lot of “stuff” that while important and emotive are not council issues’. He specifically mentions CSG, the Yamba super port and the diversion of the Clarence. In my opinion, local government is the representative of the local people. Residents expect council to stand up and defend their area and lifestyle. I believe it is council’s job to speak out against these attacks from outside of the area even if their actual legislative power is limited. Council should have a loud voice in trying to protect the Clarence Valley, using a combination of lobbying and development control powers. Dr Greg Clancy, The Greens candidate Clarence Valley Local Government elections