Does Clarence Valley Council (CVC) really want tourism?


I recently travelled out to Inverell and Moree and the first place to visit was the Information Centre (IC). 

Their facilities, staff and information were 1st rate including displays of local history. The staff were surprised to hear that the Grafton IC was closed, especially when the Grafton centre had won Tourism awards, and with the diversion of the highway an IC would be particularly important to be situated at Grafton. The IC staff also said that Grafton’s closure might explain why other ICs can’t get tourism brochures for the Clarence Valley area. Inverell and Moree had brochures for areas in Northern Rivers such as Ballina, Lismore and Bryon Bay but none for the Clarence Valley area.

The attempt by CVC to supply a few brochures in the Grafton library or Council Chambers is pathetic and how does anyone know to go there. Also, the map of Grafton which CVC provides has no street index so you may as well stay lost with or without this map.  

A recent letter to the editor from Bill Day highlights the CVC’s inept handling of the management of tourism for the Clarence Valley and their debacle of another fiscal decision.

I hope CVC reviews their current non-tourism strategy for the better.

Laura Noble, Kungala