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Dougherty Property director Derek Morgan, Maclean General Manager Nathan McGrath, Ken Bolton, Ashleigh Jovanovich, Tim O’Connor and Sunny Hubbard (Judithann Forrester – absent).

Name change for real estate

‘Ford & Dougherty Property’ in Grafton and Maclean, has had a change of branding. As from Monday June 24, the business name will be known as ‘Dougherty Property’.

‘Dougherty Property’ Maclean general manager Nathan McGrath said that nothing has changed in the business, apart from the name change.

“We are fortunate enough to have the same team that have worked in real estate down here in the Lower Clarence for years,” Mr McGrath said.

“Many people recognise Judithann, Tim and Ken on the sales side; Ashleigh’s grown up here and Sunny’s a new addition to the team. So we’re fortunate and proud of having a local team that have been in the market a long time.

“Directors Chris and Mike Dougherty have a long business history in the Clarence Valley. Mike himself has played football for Lower Clarence in the 60’s, was Yamba Surf Club president in the 80’s, and in the 2000’s was an independent adviser to the Clarence River Fisherman’s Cooperative.  

“So whilst there’s a change to the name, there’s a lot of history and ties to the local community throughout the entire Clarence Valley.

“As one of our directors, Derek Morgan says, ‘A big part of our business is having people being able to trust what we do and trust our services and our integrity; and we’ve built values around those very things’.

“The name change just represents the current staff and ownership structure of the business, but all those values that we’ve had for a number of years throughout the Clarence Valley, still remain.

“We are in the people business, not just property business,” he said.