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Desex before it’s too late

cvi   The Angourie Road Veterinary Surgery has been able to offer a subsidised desexing for the past 6 weeks. However, their funding is running out, and the offer will only be available for the next couple of weeks – so if you are considering having your pet desexed, the time to call is now! Why would you consider having your pet desexed? Consider the benefits three-fold…not just for your pet, but for the wider community, too. 1. Health: Desexed pets have a reduced rate of cancer or other diseases of the reproductive organs, testicular cancer or prostatic disease, ovarian disorders (including ovarian tumors, cystic ovaries), an almost eliminated risk of breast cancer in females, and tumors around the rectum. In addition, desexed pets usually live longer and healthier lives than their undesexed counterparts. 2. Behavioural: Desexed pets are less prone to wandering off, fighting, and therefore are less likely to get lost or injured. They are generally reported to be better companions and territorial behaviours (such as spraying indoors) is reduced. Desexed females don’t come in heat, and males are less likely to “hump” people’s legs! 3. Costs: Desexing animals reduces the burden on the community of having to care for unwanted puppies and kittens in shelters. As desexed pets are less likely to wander, vet bills from car accidents or fights are less likely. Finally, dumping puppies and kittens exacts a huge ethical cost, as well as being illegal. There has never been a better time to desex your pet – call Angourie Road Veterinary Surgery on 6646 9966 today to secure your place