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Consider all your options before you take on a pet

Owning a pet may be a very rewarding experience but there is a lot to be considered before taking the plunge. It takes a huge commitment; who’s going to feed it, will you have the time to exercise it, can you afford the cost of food, vet bills, kennel/cage or home for your pet and pet accessories eg lead, collar, toys, food and water containers, treats etc. It probably pays to have a talk to a veterinarian before deciding on what pet is best suited to you and your family’s lifestyle. The most common pets are cats, dogs and birds… however no matter which pet you decide on, you have to be prepared to look after it. Pets, like humans need exercise, so make time to play with your pet and if in the case of owning a dog, take it for regular walks. Make sure you are feeding your pet a well balanced diet and that it always has plenty of cool, clean water as pets can dehydrate very quickly in hot weather. In the warmer months you also have to make sure you treat your pets for ticks and fleas. The eastern seaboard of Australia is home to the paralysis tick which can be found on not only native animals but can also attack our cats and dogs. Check your pets daily especially if you live near bush areas. Use preventative measures by treating your pet with the appropriate products available from your local vet. Pets can bring such enjoyment and pleasure into our lives and can be our best friends if we treat them with love and respect.