Community News


A note to remind all those who are currently CRU3A members and have not yet paid their membership fees for the new year, these fees are due immediately as the new membership year begins on July 1, if you haven’t received an email or ordinary mail with a renewal form please ask your Group Leader to help you, or contact our membership officer Graham La Motte at email and ask for a renewal form or if you wish just send a note with your name and address with your cheque to the Treasurer CRU3A PO Box 310, Maclean 2463. Single renewal fee is $25 or a couple $40. Members will, next week, be sent in the mail a notification of our AGM and an invitation to view the Exhibition of Works on August 2 at the Treelands Drive Community Centre Yamba, we would love to see a good roll up of members and interested folk attend these important gatherings. Also included in the mail will be a nomination form for the annual election of officers, please give consideration to encouraging a friend to nominate, or doing so yourself, there are empty spaces on the Committee and fresh new members are always welcome and good for the growth of our organisation. I’ve been attending the ‘Hold the Moment’, photobook compiling class at Treelands Drive Community Centre on Friday afternoons, this is a most enjoyable activity guided by an amazing and enthusiastic lady, we are all keen to preview our completed projects next week. Word has it that this class will be offered again, it is just a six week block, an hour each week. Contact Betty 6646 2295 if you are interested in attending the next class. Don’t forget the Christmas in July lunch at the Harwood Hotel, ask your Group Leader for more information. Sandra Gregor