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Croquet at Coutts Crossing

cvi-images   AC games were full of incident on Friday week. Simon Cook had a personal lifetime best turn of six hoops. Sue Deeth achieved the rare feat of three peels, both balls through hoops 2, 3 and 5. Jim Algie’s game hit the heights in a 26-5 win over Peter Deeth. Peter Martin was at his best in a three handed game and rushed to peg out winning 26 to Simon Cook’s 15 and Sue Deeth’s 4. After Peter pegged out, Sue lifted her game to lose the remainder by only 16-12. Saturday was far too hot and only eight hardy players had some brief fun. Marilyn Wilson and Peter Martin had three wins each. Royce Wilson had two wins with Frank Mack, Bill Gauci, Gillian Martin and Nola Horrocks getting a lone victory each. Visitor Levi Wilson-Feeney had the best shot, an angled hoop from way out: and next hoop put his opponent through. Then it hit 34C and we melted away. On Sunday the Munro’s were in fine form. Kay was consistently good in beating Jim Algie 26-12. Rod had excellent turns of six and seven hoops on the way to a victory over Sue Deeth by 20-6. Peter Deeth returned to form beating Simon Cook 24-17, a reward for Peter after mowing the lawn and producing such a good surface. Cooler on Monday and 19 members came out to play with 190 hoops run in 18 matches. Pam Jordan ran hoop to hoop twice, Royce Wilson was delighted with a successful jump shot. Newcomer Helen Hearnshaw ran a 20 metre hoop on only the seventh hoop she has played. Royce Wilson, John Buckley and Peter Martin were unbeaten on the day and there was noticeably good play from Eric Wheeler, Helyn and Ken Davison and Cave Steiner. Robyn Walters was back after four weeks away and played well. Before the heat on Wednesday of last week Sue Deeth and Gillian Martin got to 9-9, and then had enough. Peter Deeth raced ahead of Peter Martin, but half way through the near misses all moved from Peter Martin’s mallet to Peter Deeth’s, and Peter Martin won 26-19. Great match. Last Monday 23 we expected a group of visitors from Iluka, it was be a busy day and some members may wish to switch to Thursday or Saturday of this week.