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Croquet at Coutts Crossing

Thursday Ken Davison and John Buckley were absent so the standard of play was high with many hard fought games. Nobody was undefeated although Gillian Martin, Peter Deeth and Phyl Harrison each had three wins and one loss. Frank Mack lost all his games, all by a single hoop, but also ran three ten metre hoops. Joy Campbell had little luck winning two, losing two, while Pamela Gauci, Bill Gauci and Robyn Walters all had mixed days, but everyone went home with at least one victory. Peter Martin produced the shot of the year. For the first time since Golf Croquet has been played at Coutts Crossing he hit a single shot through two hoops, one back and two back, with twenty metres between them. Sunday We welcomed visitors from Gracemere in Queensland. Peter Kajewski is a handicap 6 player, far better than any Coutts Crossing player. He beat Peter Martin 26-7 before the tea break, but in the return game Peter Martin led until the last 15 minutes, but lost 20-14. Rod Munro beat Ann Kajewski 26-8. Peter Deeth beat Kay Munro 16-7. Jim Algie had a fright: comfortably leading Sue Deeth with ten minutes to play, Sue had her best turn for many months, five hoops to close to 15-16, and there it finished. Monday Full house for golf croquet. Gillian Martin had a superb morning running hoops consistently from all distances. But John Buckley had the best plays of the day. He started by running a 20 metre hoop and then became the first Coutts Crossing player to make two successful jump shots in a single game. We suspect that he practices secretly. New member Shirley Teese chose good partners and won all three games and Frank Mack, with his pedigree mallet won two out of three. The most improved player in February, Joy Campbell is finding March harder and lost all three. Everyone had some success with good contributions from Louise Lowe, Phyl Harrison, Bill and Pam Gauci and Yvonne Gillett. Ken and Helyn Davison played consistently and well and reserved enough energy to mow the croquet lawn after play. Nea Buckley and Nola Horrocks had good days: the cooler weather and autumnal breezes suit everyone. The playing week ended with a curtailed match, 3 players, six balls, in which Sue Deeth showed she was better than two men, winning 10 to 5 to 3 against Peter Martin and Peter Deeth. Rod Munro beat Kay Munro 14-10. Nola Horrocks, still learning Association Croquet did extremely well in losing to Jim Algie only 26-15. Jim had a clever finish to his game. He pegged out his non striking ball from a croquet shot from about 6 metres, but this resulted in the strikers ball jammed in rover. Non-plussed, he pegged out from the jaws. The club welcomed new players Shirley Tees and Chris Gosling. If you would like to be welcomed as a new member, call 6649 5109 for details. Sue Deeth