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Croquet at Coutts Crossing

The most improved player of the month for February is Joy Campbell whose game has shown huge improvement this year. The Golf Croquet group started early and Frank Mack rattled in a 20 metre hoop, but partnered by Peter Deeth he still lost 7-3 to Peter Martin and an in-form Bill Gauci. Nola Horrocks and Pamela Gauci edged a close game with Phyl Harrison and Joy Campbell 7-6. Robyn Walters and Pat MacLennan played well with little luck. Peter Deeth, usually an Association player, managed a couple of wins with in-form partners. With Joy Campbell he managed a 7-4 victory over Pamela Gauci and Phyl Harrison, helped by a 20 metre hoop from Joy, and a fortuitous 5 metre in off by Peter. Sunday saw five enthusiasts playing Association Croquet in a round robin format, four singles matches each of 40 minutes duration. Nobody was in good form but Peter Deeth won bragging rights with four wins, no losses and 20 hoops. Kay Munro was second with 15 hoops; Peter Martin 13; Rod Munro 10, and Sue Deeth 9. There was not a superb shot worthy of mention all morning, and the standard of performance was summed up by Peter Martin whose coin toss to decide who started, landed on the roof of the club house. Leap Year Day and the Golf Croquet lords and ladies came a-leaping, with 17 players having the facilities stretched full. There were many notable shots. John Buckley ran a long jump shot, Nea Buckley hit a hoop to hoop 15 metre shot, not once but twice. Nola Horrocks, fit and in form, and Ken Davison each had a 15 metre hoop. Debbie MacIntosh was back after a long absence in the heat of Summer. Joy Campbell was the best on the day winning all four of her matches. Close behind was Frank Mack, played three, won three, and Bill Gauci with the same record. After coaching in Lismore Phyl Harrison and Yvonne Gillet showed good touches with mixed results. Old hands Robyn Walters, Gillian and Peter Martin demonstrated how a casual approach loses out as the newer players are rapidly overhauling them. Pat MacLennan, Louise Lowe and Pamela Gauci all have good contributions to an excellent day’s enjoyment for all. Autumn, and the Association players cast off the effects of the heat in a couple of spirited games. In a family affair the Munros, Kay and Rod edged home against the Martins, Gillian and Peter, 15-14. In a singles game Wayne Gadke found his sojourn in Tasmania had no good effect, and lost to a revived Jim Algie 26-14. Coutts Crossing continues to support U3A in Yamba with visits and equipment in its efforts to get a croquet club running. They now have 51 members registered. To play at Coutts Crossing call 6649 5109 or 6649 3200. Sue Deeth