Coutts Crossing croquet

Simon Cook is the Associated Croquet 2019 Champion. In his final match he just squeezed past Sue Deeth 13-11 to bring him level with Peter Martin with three wins and a loss. But Simon edged home with a superior hoop count over the tournament of 69-47 over Peter’s 75-56. In another game Peter Martin opened with a 12 hoop turn in beating Peter Deeth 23-20. Peter Martin later repeated the win 26-16

With more amenable conditions a good crowd played excellent GC on Thursday. Tony Williams managed two jump shots in one game. With the Qantas Silver teaspoon now permanently in Frank Mack’s possession, the race started for the Silver Fiji Jam spoon in 2020. Sheila Foley made her target clear with two hoop to hoops. Peter Deeth put in a rare GC appearance and won all three games, as did Tony Williams and Gillian Martin. Joy Campbell had only one loss, as did Ken Davison, still nursing a tender hand.

There was a small group on Saturday. It was humid. The Brodies were back from playing well at Cheltenham and Maitland, but lost their form back home. Janet Forde ran a long in-off and Peter Martin a hoop to hoop.  Play was called off at 35C but not before Phyl Harrison made her intentions clear with two hoop to hoops. That Fiji Silver Jam spoon will not be awarded for a year, but the competition is underway.  

Thursday was a scorcher, but it did not bother Narelle Wright who has three excellent wins. Gillian Martin had two wins, the only other player unbeaten. 

Ricochet continues with Louise Lowe having her best game yet in a narrow loss to Peter Martin 13-12.

As last year the club will not close for the holidays. Members should ensure they come with a keyholder, and if you have visitors during the holidays, bring them along for a taste of our sport.