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Country Music Club

It was great to see some familiar faces at our October get together and to welcome a few new people both as walk-up artists as well as in the audience. There was a lot of toe tapping happening throughout the afternoon with the more up beat songs.  Whilst it is officially known as the Grafton Country Music Club we do have a variety of walk-up entertainers each performing three numbers in a wide variety of styles and all having their own unique way to delight the listeners. Don Adams, with his button accordion, opened up the October session followed by Peter Dransfield. Once again 9 year old Lillie accompanied her mum Miriam and dad Campbell.  What a great age to get her used to performing on stage. Karen Johnson sang some of her original songs whilst playing guitar with Kerry following her reciting two of his poems plus one of Karen’s. Col and Jan, both vocalists and guitarists, accompanied each other.  Have to say it was great to see Col up on stage again after his recent health scare. We had a pretty full afternoon of entertainers including Kerry from Maclean, Elston from Maclean, great to see Shelly & Lester again, Graeme from Woolgoolga, our own Bill Hawken and Greg Clancy.  We mustn’t forget Roy Atree, Janet and Mal.  It was good to see Heather again after a long absence. Despite the number of walk-up artists we had the pleasure of listening to, we did have a bit of time left before we closed the session, so a number of artists got up to lead the audience in a general sing-a-long. We appreciated Shelly on bass and Lester on guitar backing most of the performers during the afternoon with Greg and Campbell playing the drums. If you require musicians to back you then please bring a minimum of three (3) music charts clearly showing the words with chords above, preferably in a different colour to the text.  Bold red is a good colour. We supply our own PA system including microphones.  Acoustic guitars are welcome to plug into the system.  Col and Leon sit at the mixer to get the volume levels correct. Prior to the entertainment starting on Sunday 15th November, we will be going downstairs for our annual Christmas dinner.  Those who wish to participate please converge at mid-day in the dining area.  Everyone pays for their own meal. Don’t forget to enter our clubs meetings in your 2016 diary.  They are on the 3rd Sunday of each month from February to November inclusive. We meet at the Grafton District Services Club, normally upstairs, which has a lift for everybody’s convenience.  . Josy Billing