‘Coin relay’ for Grafton swimmers

Extra time keepers were called upon at last Tuesday week’s swim meet as members arrived in droves for competition.

Being the last Tuesday in the month the Wykes Tyrepower Cup was up for grabs and making this final were Karlie Cleaver, David Moon, Wilson Burns and Jack Weatherstone.

Karlie and Wilson battled for leadership in this event with Wilson touching the tiles just fractions of a second ahead of Karlie.

However both contestants heard the dreaded word “D” announced and David was presented the win with Jack taking second place.

A 50m ‘coin relay’ was the novelty race for the night. Teaming up with another swimmer the first half of the couple had to swim 25m with a coin in their hand, deposit the coin on the edge of the pool and swim another 25m. The second swimmer had to then swim 25m, pick up the coin and complete another 25m, depositing the coin on top of the blocks as they completed the distance.

Making this final and teamed up with John Wainwright was Damien O’Mahony and Steve Donnelly was paired with Sharon Danvers. Jack and Jill aka Weatherstone and Enks were the remaining couple but Jill departed early, not realising that she had made a final.

Gary Dixon stepped up to take Jill’s place so that Jack did not have to forfeit.

This was a good move by Gary because when times were checked, he and Jack were closest to their times and scored the win. John and “Marno” were disqualified for speeding, so second place went to Steve and Sharon.

A very strong line up made their way to the blocks for the final of the 25m freestyle sprint.

Shannon Thompson, Damien O’Mahony, Bruce Durrington and Terry Marsh were the contestants and they were hungry for a win.

As the swimmers entered the water it was stroke for stroke the entire distance and Marshy proved just a little better than the rest, swimming just .06 off his nominated time.

Shannon was next home in second place and Bruce snatched third place.

Toni Ensbey