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Dr Davood Abbafi Moghadam is the newest general practitioner to commence work in the Clarence Valley and started working at the South Grafton Medical Centre in early June. Image: Emma Pritchard

Clarence Valley’s newest resident at home in Grafton

Emma Pritchard

As he proudly stands out front of the South Grafton Medical Centre, his new place of employment, Dr. Davood Abbafi Moghadam happily announces he feels at home in the Clarence Valley and is looking forward to working as part of the local community.

Born and raised in Iran where he completed his medical training, Dr. Abbafi Moghadam worked overseas as a general practitioner for 9 years before studying to become an orthopedic surgeon.

Describing Australia as “a desirable country where the people are so friendly and welcoming”, Dr. Abbafi Moghadam first visited Down Under a few years ago and spent “between two and three weeks” in the Clarence Valley, observing the beautiful environment and the ease and friendliness of the people who live here, before deciding to make Australia his permanent place of residence.

When the Covid-19 outbreak last year prevented him from returning to Iran and his family, due to the difficulties he knew he would encounter to re-enter Australia, Dr. Abbafi Moghadam dedicated his time to his medical studies to ensure he met the requirements to allow him to do the job he loves so passionately in his new country.

After spending time with a friend in Sydney who knew Dr James Venneri, one of Dr Abbafi Moghadam’s new colleagues at the South Grafton Medical Centre, a chance conversation about the need for more doctors in the Clarence Valley led him back to Grafton.  

After officially commencing work in early June, Dr Abbafi Moghadam is looking forward to meeting more people in his new community and providing them with quality medical assistance and reassurance.

“Everyone here in Grafton is so friendly,” he said.

“Even when I met all of my new colleagues here, it was like we had all met before, and we talked like we were old friends catching up again.

“Grafton is such a nice place, and I would love to stay here long term.”

While Dr Abbafi Moghadam is currently staying with a colleague, he is hopeful of finding permanent accommodation in the next few months and is looking forward to bringing his family to Grafton once their travel exemptions are processed.

After working in rural areas of Iran, Dr Abbafi Moghadam said he had a preference to work in regional Australia, preferring the lifestyle and rural communities over larger metropolitan areas.

While he would love the opportunity to work in Australia as an orthopedic surgeon, he is happy working in general practice and being available to help his local community.  

Outside of work, he loves visiting local beaches and exploring the beauty of the region.

To book an appointment with Dr Abbafi Moghadam, please contact the South Grafton Medical Centre on 66 431 500.