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Then 1880 and now 2018. Images: Contributed

Chatsworth Island School prepares for Sesquicentenary

Lynne Mowbray |

The Chatsworth Island Public School will be celebrating their 150th anniversary on Saturday September 8, 2018.

The Chatsworth Island School was built in 1868 about two kilometres south of the present school.

It cost 398 pounds to build both the school and a house for the teacher. The first teacher was Mr Albert Gale.
There were 32 pupils at the school in 1868 and by 1871 it had grown to 77.

The present school was built in 1885, which could accommodate 150 students.

Some of the interesting facts and occurrences at the school over the years:
In 1885 the school was struck by lightning and some students receive a severe shock whilst in the classroom.
A lot of students were sent home in the early days as they didn’t have shoes.
The school had its own swimming baths in the early 1900’s.
There was a school pipe and drum band.
The school researched the punishment book from the early 1900’s and students used to get the cane for: talking in class, filthy book work, rowdyism in class, filthy abuse of the teacher, sulking and lots of other weird stuff.

Celebrations will kick off at 10am on Saturday September 8, at the Chatsworth Island School, with a welcome address.

At 10.30 the classrooms will be open with displays, student games and activities and at 11.30am a student dance performances and a time capsule burial at 12.30.

The special event will round up at 1.45pm with a birthday cake and farewell.

Come along and join in the celebrations of this historic event and rekindle past friendships and celebrate fond memories of the bygone days.