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Offer to purchase former VIC rejected

Geoff Helisma |

Clarence Valley’s councillors have unanimously rejected an offer to purchase the former visitor information centre (VIC) located on the highway at Spring Street, South Grafton.

The property had previously failed to sell at an auction held on April 12.

The property is listed for sale at $1.32million (gst inc).

Councillors considered the offer in a ‘Committee of the Whole in closed session’, in accordance with the Local Government Act Section 10A 2 (c ) “as the report contains information that would, if disclosed, confer a commercial advantage on a person with whom the council is conducting (or proposed to conduct) business”.

Councillor Arthur Lysaught left the meeting for an undisclosed reason at 8.53pm and did not participate in the decision, consideration of which started at 9.12pm.