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Chatsworth Island CWA

Due to the current health restrictions, Chatsworth Island CWA Branch will now not be holding an April meeting. Sorry members, stay safe.

Chatsworth Island CWA members usually spend a lot of time over their Christmas break, preparing for the annual cooking, craft and ag and environment day. This competition is held in March each year when items are judged and selection is made for entries to go to the CWA State Conference, for judging at state level, this year in Newcastle; this entry to represent CWA North Coast Group.

Well we selected our craft entries, eight items at our February meeting, and proceeded to this year Glenreagh for the Group competition.

Chatsworth Island did very well at this competition, we came fourth overall out of the 16 branches eligible to compete, and were only nine points behind the overall winning branch. We also had two of our items selected to go to Newcastle included in CWA North Coast Group’s eight entries.

At the same time our agriculture and environment officer had produced two items in the competition for a recycled item; a small teddy that she had knitted from tea bag strings gathered from members and friends over a period of months. Her second item was a large teddy bear made from an old couch, and stuffed with the stuffing from it. All were washed and looked beautiful. These are also to be judged here and then off to Newcastle for State judging.

Well, it was all for nought, as you have probably heard because of  COVID-19, CWA NSW has had to cancel its Annual Conference. They have also had to cancel this year’s cookery, craft and recycled item’s competition. We will now have to look forward to next year, when we do it all over again.

Marion White