Catching up games at Yamba Squash

Time flies when you having fun and that includes people playing squash. Believe it or not there is only two weeks of competition to play before we get into the semis. Yes we are at the pointy end of the competition and things start to get serious. Now is the time to get those pesky catch up matches played so you team does not miss out on those precious points that could make the difference between your team making the semis or not. It is also a time for all players to pay their competition fees. It was a big comeback for player Allison Bennett in the Monday night competition. Allison had a win in three over Lauren Mikkelsen, who has had an up and down season. Roy Ellery continued on his winning way with yet another win in three. Bob Atkins did not have it all his own way in his four game win over Roger Varcoe. It’s good to see so many Monday night players playing two matches to get all their matches played either for when they missed previous matches or when they are going to be away. In the Wednesday night competition Brett Serjeant needs to play two matches every week as he had two wins for two matches. In his second match Brett was out for revenge after his first round loss to Philippa Hayman. This time round he was warmed up and claimed a victory in four. In his match against Kane Hancock, Jack Skippen got away to a good start but just could not finish off the rally and subsequently lost in three. Nick Gregor was pleased to get a win in three in division one, so far they have been few and far between. Tony McFarlane and Michael Davidson continued on their winning with both recording wins in three. Sue Pilley