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Calling tourism businesses for the North Coast Festival Flavour

The North Coast Festival of Flavour (26 – 27th March 2022) is a weekend of heightened event activation in the food, beverage and agri-tourism space supported by a six-figure marketing campaign to attract visitors. The time is now to get involved and capitalise on this amazing opportunity.
Destination North Coast is calling farmers, producers, restauranteurs, brewers, distillers, and foodie event managers to take these small steps to get involved and support this fabulous initiative…
Step 1Plan a foodie event or special deal/offer at your place of business (restaurant, café, bar, farm etc) for the weekend of 26-27th March 2022 so it can be included in the Festival of Flavour
Step 2 – Immediately Load your event or special deal/offer in ATDW with the date range of 26-27th March 2022 so it will populate through as part of the Festival of Flavour on the North Coast Flavour Trails platform
Step 3 – Attend the North Coast Festival of Flavour Marketing Campaign webinar (9.30am-10.30am, 9th February) to learn how to amplify this opportunity
Step 4 – Welcome visitors to your place of business over the Festival of Flavour weekend!
Contact Destination North Coast for more information.