But it’s not, it is a possum


About 50 years ago I studied a philosophy paper called “Logical Analysis and Argument” which taught that just because a premise (or premises) were true, the conclusion arrived at, may not be. To put simply, if one true premise states a cat has fur, a second that a cat has four legs and a third that it has a tail, then this photo of an animal with fur, four legs and a tail must confirm the conclusion that this animal is a cat. But it’s not, it is a possum.

Politicians have long used this strategy of marrying true premises to a conclusion, when they hope to convince people, they are right.

But other people use this strategy also.

In the Independent (CVI 23/3/22), a Ray Smith of Iluka, stated several true premises.

“Change is what climate does, has been for millions of years and will continue to do so” and “Floods and bushfires along with drought, cyclones and shore erosion are part of nature.”

He then goes on to reach the truly preposterous conclusion that:

“Human causation theory is politically motivated mischief devoid of scientific proof”

Some sensible school child have a quiet word with him please.

Jocelyn Wrench, Iluka