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Bronwyn brings Australian colours to Grafton Gallery

Featuring bright and bold artworks inspired by prose, Bronwyn Bancroft’s exhibition ‘Colours of Australia’ at the Grafton Regional Gallery comments on the beauty of colour that exists in our natural environments. The artworks in this exhibition are the originals from Bronwyn Bancroft’s book ‘Colours of Australia’ and celebrate what is wonderful about Australia and the beauty of nature. Bronwyn Bancroft said the images were visual statements that reinforce the uniqueness of the Australian environment and the amazing array of natural wonders that Australians were lucky to have. “I am an environmentalist and believe we have a responsibility to care for our environment,” she said “We are caretakers of our destiny and with the increasing challenges of climate change that we face, our future and that of our grandchildren’s children is our greatest challenge,” she said. Coinciding with National Sorry Day, the ‘Colours of Australia’ official opening was held at the Grafton Regional Gallery and featured a special artist talk from Bronwyn Bancroft. There wasn’t even standing room. Also an acknowledgement to country by Deborah Taylor and was opened by Robyne Bancroft. Bronwyn Bancroft’s exhibition will be available for viewing until July 2.