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CWA goodies at Primex

The Country Women’s Association of NSW will again be serving refreshments – Pavilion 1 – Norco Primex at Casino June 23-25. CWA – Far North Coast Group – will be serving steak and sausage sandwiches plus cakes, slices, sandwiches, refreshing drinks and of course homemade scones with jam and cream. There will be handicrafts and CWA cookbooks for sale on the Promotions Table. The focus of this particular fund raising event over the three days of Primex is to raise money for education grants for local children to help with their school expenses. Come and support the CWA and learn more about what they do to raise awareness and instigate change regarding issues that affect all Australians including: research into Lyme Disease, Q Fever and Medicinal Marijuana. CWA supports improving the welfare of our farming community and finding solutions to the shortage of quality medical care in remote rural areas and many other issues including concerns about the environment. CWA also provides aid for our Pacific neighbours by sending educational items: exercise books, writing materials and material aid for new mothers and babies. For further information on the work of CWA NSW, and how to join, please go onto their website: