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Brede Properties offer a new and convenient means of property management

Jodie-Lea English is offering a new way of property management in the Clarence region through her business Brede Properties. Image: Contributed
After growing up in Grafton Jodie-Lea English moved to the Sunshine Coast, Queensland where she began her career in the competitive fast paced real estate industry. After being mentored by some of Queensland’s top agents Jodie’s dedication and enthusiasm saw her fast became one of the most trusted professionals in the industry. For the past fifteen years Jodie has developed strong professional property management skills that are evident in her approach to every property she manages. Now, returning to her home town Jodie see’s Brede Properties as an opportunity to provide that same dedicated professionalism that has given her investor’s peace of mind over the years. “Brede Properties is the realisation of a childhood dream, owning and running my own agency, my way”, says Jodie “When working for other agencies, we are required to adopt their ideals even if they do not align with our own”. Brede Properties puts an end to this; Brede Properties enable Jodie to provide a professional, friendly approach whilst ensuring that clients are receiving the very best advice on the complete management of their property. No request is too big or to small, if it can be done it will be done; this is the motto at Brede Properties. Since returning to the Grafton area Jodie has completed a Diploma in Property Services (Agency Management) and a Diploma in Business to ensure she has the most relevant up to date industry qualifications. Having access to state of the art programs and the most prevalent local property information both past and present, Jodie has made it her business to know the local market trends throughout the entire Clarence region. These in depth studies have shown there is room for improvement in the way property management services are provided across the Clarence region. The days of driving down the street to meet with your agent at their office are over; Brede Properties is about convenience to the investor not convenience to the agent. “Therefore Brede Properties is offering a specialist mobile property management service, at no time will you be asked to come to our shop front office, as we don’t have one”. Brede Properties will come to you whenever and wherever is most convenient to you. “In the age of the internet, shop front offices are becoming a thing of the past, an unnecessary expense that is passed on to the investor. At Brede Properties we eliminate that expense, ensuring that our fees remain competitive and our service is second to none”, said Jodie.